Feb 25, 2016

My Top 10 favorite books for Kids

As a Childrens' book Author, people are often asking me "what are your favorite Kids books?". This is something that I often have to reflect on, as these books that always been a favorite of mine, also had quite a big impact on my art and writing. I want to present them in no particular order as they have all inspired me in very different ways and ranking them is not something that I feel I necessarily need to do.

So without any more delay, here they Are:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

I always loved the way that Dr. Seuss was able to mix interesting stories and morals with complete imaginative embellishment. His nonsensical language always inspired be to believe that good kids books can also be really really silly. Link

The Paper Bag Princess

Even though I would not have been able to articulate it at the time. I always found the success in Robert Munchs' books was that they were always really relate-able. They were the perfect length and usually really nice traditional artwork to accompany the story. Link

Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day

The detail in a Richard Scarry book was always something that captivated me. I loved just pouring myself over the illustrations and reveling in the minutiae of what was going on in his excruciatingly detailed scenes. I have no doubt that this influenced my own illustration practices. Link

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potters' books always appealed to me as they seemed to typify what I thought a "classic" kids books should look and sounds like. The traditional story accompanied by the classic style illustrations help her books to remain these timeless pieces that people want to share with each new generation. Link

Curious George

Who wouldn't love a story about a monkey that gets himself into all sorts of hi-jinks. I think that we can all related to a child that is well intentioned but sometimes runs afoul of certain situations because of our natural curious nature. The fact that they never portrayed George as "bad", really resonated with me. Link

Where the Wild Things Are

When I was a child I began this fascination with drawing monsters and other weird things. I have no doubt that this book was an early influence in that sphere. Different kinds of big ugly beasties, no doubt would have added fuel to my fire. Link

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web was always had a surprising amount of emotional range for a childrens book. I remember friendship being a central theme and how feeling of sadness and loss can often go along with that. As a child, it certainly made me reflect on a number of thing and contributed to my own emotional growth. Link

The Sword in the Stone

As an adult, I can appreciate that many of the transformations that Wart undergoes in this book are analogies for the process of a boy becoming a man. As a child however, I was captivated by this story filled with magic and wonderment. The story of King Arthur and Merlin has been often replicated in childrens media, and I think that this book is one of the earliest and best examples of that tale. Link

The Little Prince

What can I say about The Little Prince that hasn't already been said elsewhere and better. Such a sweet simple story that has inspired English and French children alike. I was always drawn to the themes of sadness and solitude, which are often avoided in books meant for children. In the end, I believe that this elevates this story to this timeless tale that resonates with young people now, as much as it did when it was first written. Link

Thanks for taking a look at my ten favorite childrens books. I would urge you to check any of them out for yourself, and really reflect on why these books inspired you as a child or continue to, as an adult. Thanks! :)

Dec 3, 2015

Out of Step Books

I have been fortunate to have my art included in a number of publications by Out of Step Books. You can also purchase prints of my artwork HERE

Black & White: Volume Two

Click here to learn more about this great title from Out Of Step Books



Meows & Roars of Inspiration: The Cat Art Project

Click here to learn more about this great title from Out Of Step Books

 Pandaemonium: Devils, Demons & Monsters

Click here to learn more about this great title from Out Of Step Books

Aug 21, 2015

Introducing Cute Food

The idea behind Cute Food was a very simple one. I had been watching Christina sculpt these adorable little anthropomorphic pieces of food and had been making these terribly corny food puns when looking at them. We thought that this was a very silly yet fun idea and why not make a whole book out of it. We did not always want to feel restrained to tackle content matter in our book that only contained moral tales or other heavy material. Sometimes we just wanted to create books that would make the reader chuckle.

Christina created all of the art for the book and then I did a lot of trial and error in writing the puns. We find at readings that even if the audience is too young to understand all of the puns, they find it silly enough to tickle their funny bones anyways.

Take a look at the video below to see us chatting more about the book.

You can purchase Cute Food by clicking - HERE

Aug 14, 2015

Introducing The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals

The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals was a book idea that I had carried around for some time. I have been a life long lover of Skateboarding and had wanted to include it into a book project at some point. Well during the summer of 2014, I had a month long gap between book projects and so I jumped on the opportunity to bring this idea to life.

The basic idea is that I would illustrated a cavalcade of animals all performing different skateboarding tricks that all corresponded with a particular letter of the alphabet. It was quite an interesting challenge to be able to match for each letter, but that challenge was half the fun I think. Christina designed some really funky 80s looking page layouts and it all came together very well.

One thing that I made to include was a glossary in the back of the book. It contained descriptions of all the skateboarding tricks and some background info on some of the more obscure animals. I felt that this way there could be a conversation between the reader and the child, without that reader needing a degree in Zoology or the skateboarding pedigree of Tony Hawk.

Check out the video below, to hear take a deeper look inside the book.

You can purchase The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals - HERE

Aug 7, 2015

Introducing The Little Cracked Pot

When we decided to pursue publishing some of our own Children's books, one of the main things we wanted to make sure, was that each story had its own purpose. While not all of our books are full of specific messages, The Little Cracked Pot certainly is.

We loved the idea of bring forth a positive story that would reinforce the idea to kids, that being different from each other is our strength as people. Christina and myself were both odd ball kids and are now odd ball artist adults. This is something that can be a source of anxiety for us, but at the same time I am totally convinced that these qualities are what allows us to be blazing the creative path that we are.

I really love Christina's use of traditional watercolor paintings that accompany the story and overall aesthetic of and old school fable. Check out the video below to hear us discussing The Little Cracked Pot in greater detail.

The Little Cracked Pot can be purchased - HERE

Jul 31, 2015

Introducing Fairies on My Island

Fairies On My Island as a project began in a very interesting way. Christina and myself had both just finished illustrating a kids book each for Acorn Press, when they asked her if she wanted to make a book about Fairies. The publishing world is just as susceptible to trends as any other, and Fairies were the hot topic of the moment.

Christina decided that this would be a perfect project for showcasing both her sculpting and photography skills, there was only one problem...The book did not have an author. If there is one mantra that I whole heartedly believe, it is that opportunity never comes when you are ready and never looks like you expect it to. SO I jumped in an said "Why don't I try and write it?"

I had never written a kids book before and took it up as an amazingly fun challenge. In the end, Christina and myself had out very first book project together and it was the start of many more collaborations.

You can purchase Fairies on My Island - HERE

Jul 3, 2015

A deeper look into - The Pup From Away

July 3, 2015

The most recent joint creative endeavor for Christina and myself is our book, The Pup From Away. Published by Acorn Press in spring 2015, this book has been both our biggest and most involved project to date.

When we moved the Prince Edward Island it was quite a transformative experience. After spending much of my life living in and around large urban centres, moving to a small rural island was quite a change. The overall pace of life, friendliness of the inhabitants and awe inspiring landscapes were all things that had drew us there and have subsequently kept us so far.

Before moving to the island we were living around Christinas' family on the west coast of Scotland. While we were living there, our pup Dooku was staying with Christinas' parents on their island farm out in country. When we were reunited in 2008, we were pleasantly surprised how much our big city dog had really turned into such a happy little farm dog. This really planted the seed in us for this story idea, which would germinate over the next couple of years.

From an art perspective this was Christinas most challenging book to date. The scenes were all thoroughly story boarded out beforehand and meticulously created in order to create this very specific aesthetic. I really believe that it is this sculpted illustration that really gives the book its high level of impact. It's one part sculpture and one part diorama, with bright bold colors and textures. From a writing standpoint, I spent many hours going back and forth with my editor in order to really give the book a proper story arc and an appropriate level of tension at times.

The timing of the books completion did take take a sad turn however. One week after finishing the book, our Pup From Away passed away quite suddenly. We were always thankful for the time we had with him and felt that we were glad to be able to tell his story to a wider audience. We were also fortunate that we had a full year to fully grieve before the book came out. This made it much easier to talk about when we were doing our book launch, book signings and radio interviews.

In the end we felt that this book has been a significant milestone in our childrens book making career. We really feel that this is our best book yet and has only reaffirmed our love of working in this genre and working with each other.

Take a look at the video below, to hear us chat more about the book.

You can purchase your very own copy of The Pup From Away, by following this LINK

Jun 11, 2015

A deeper look into - Owen's Pirate Adventure

June 11, 2015

This is the first post in a series around introducing the various books that I have been a part of, over the last few years. My thought is that I could go a little more in depth around the process of creating the books themselves and the themes involved in the stories and artwork etc.

In Sept 2011 I was introduced to Terrilee Bulger, the owner/publisher of Acorn Press. Acorn Press is a small press publisher that focuses on publishing and promoting a wide variety of books that are all Prince Edward Island centric. The work that they put out ranges from adult fiction and non-fiction, poetry, books filled with beautiful photography from around the island and in my case, childrens books.

Shortly after meeting Terrilee and establishing that we would like to work together on a project, she has sent me an email asking me if I was interested in drawing pirates. Well at the time I was really getting into the books and work of Johny Duddle who has created some amazing worlds full of awesome pirate characters, so my head was already that space.

I was teamed up with award winning YA Author Patti Larsen and set about to illustrate a book about pirates that would take the readers on an adventure, all the while teaching them that the grass is not always greener. Spending time with Patti at our signings proved to be invaluable experiences, as she is a fountain of knowledge on all things book publishing.

I had lots of fun with the whole process and my earlier experience working in the art and design worlds really helped me to understand the iterative process that also exists in the publishing world as well.

All in all it was a wonderful first foray for myself into the world of Childrens books publishing.

Owen's Pirate Adventure met with very positive responses from the public. Here is one such review below.

"Owen’s Pirate Adventure is the perfect tale for any children interested in pirates. They will easily relate to Owen who wants to be a pirate, read about pirates and play with pirates. The author and illustrator have done a good job of creating a balance of excitement and danger that will entertain young readers without frightening them."

- Sophia Hunter is a teacher-librarian at Crofton House School in Vancouver, BC.

For more information and to purchase - CLICK HERE

Jun 2, 2015

Reading/Signing at the Hunter River Memorial Library

June 2, 2015

This past weekend, Christina and myself we fortunate to be a part of a reading/signing at the Hunter River Memorial Library. We always enjoy doing events like this and meeting people in new communities. As childrens book creators, it is so invaluable to us when we get all this first hand feedback from the kids. They are the most honest critics that you will ever have.

May 19, 2015

Meows And Roars Art Book

May 19, 2015

Just received my copy of Meows and Roars from Out of Step Books. With nearly 400 pages of incredible cat-inspired tattoos and artwork of many mediums. So happy to have some of my work be a part of this great collection of tattoo and traditional art.

May 9, 2015

The Pup From Away Book Launch

May 9, 2015

The book launch was a big success today. The book store had an awesome window display featuring a number of our books as well as some of Christina sculptures from The Pup From Away. We even received our first celebrity endorsement, from Clifford Big Red Dog.

May 8, 2015

Interview on CBC radio

May 8, 2015

CBC radio interviewed Christina and myself, about our new kids books The Pup from Away. Looking forward to launching this tomorrow.We are always so appreciative of the support that the local media has given us as creators over the last number of years.

Jul 4, 2014

The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals

After months of hard work, I am happy to say that my new book: The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals is finally now out. My goal was to write a children's book that would combine the dissident worlds of learning about animals with learning about skateboarding. I then wanted to furnish the pages with fun illustrations of animals that were stylized yet not totally anthropomorphized.

As a teen, I was big into skateboarding and have always found it a valuable activity for someone that balked at traditional team sports. It also had a whole culture of art and music around it, which really appealed to me as well.

In the back of the book I have included a large glossary containing explanations of all the skateboarding tricks and animals portrayed. My hope is that if you are reading the book with a child, that this glossary will allow you to answer the barrage of questions that will inevitably be generated by all of this foreign terminology.

I hope that you all enjoy reading it as much as I certainly enjoyed writing and illustrating it.

You can purchase the book via Amazon here.

Jun 19, 2014

New Book: Dukes The Pup From Away

I am very excited to announce that Christina and myself will be partnering again with PEI publisher Acorn Press to bring our newest book, "Dukes The Pup From Away" to the world, sometime in the spring of 2015.

The book is a love song to our favourite gentle island and our dog Dukes, who loved it here so much. Sadly enough, Dukes passed away shortly after we had finished this book, so this story will always have a special place in our heart just like he does.

Apr 27, 2014

The Book of Cain and The Book of Tyrael.

BOOK REVIEW: The Book of Cain and The Book of Tyrael.

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the term "Fan boy". I do not like the assertion that a devoted follower of a genre, IP or product line can be boiled down to being merely a mindless consumer. This discounts the real love and immersion that one could feel for a franchise, over the course of years or decades. With this being the case, I have to admit that I am a Blizzard Fan boy.

Since the early days of Warcraft, I have been interested in all things that are birthed from that creative well of fantasy goodness that is located somewhere in southern California. I was an avid WOW player back in the day and I have long been friends with and followers of the various artists that Blizzard employs for their games. For me this group hold no equal, and I am not afraid to say that.

Since the launch of Diablo III, I have been immersed in the world of Sanctuary. A dark yet stylized world and art style that seems to tick all the boxes of my personal sensibilities. A lore that is full of Gothic themes and is built around the most epic conflict of good vs. evil....like the biggest worst evil. This lore is the perfect subject matter for spinoff materials and The Book of Cain and The Book of Tyrael are exactly that.

Each book takes you on a fictional journey, whereby you as the reader are leafing through a handwritten tome scribed by the ever unlucky Deckard Cain for the first book and Tyrael: The former Archangel of Justice, and now the current Aspect of Wisdom. The pages are made to look like browned old parchment, containing handwritten accounts of characters and events from the Diablo series. These expositions delve deeper into that back stories and give further context to the events contained within the games themselves. The tales are accompanied with a variety of tonal drawings that are made to look hand sketched by the authors themselves.

Each book contains a nicely embossed hardcover and is overall a decent size. If you already familiar with other art books that Blizzard produces for  their collectors editions, then you will already be familiar with the form and quality of these.

As a fan of the series and knowledgeable about the characters, I am eager to glean every little piece of lore that I am able to from these books. I am a big fan of the hand drawn grey scale art style and fantasy themes. This bias is obviously caused by my own pension for working in that style and subject matter. There is nothing that I love drawing more, then a dark and dangerous dungeon. The same goes for my 3D work as well.

If you are uninitiated with the series then I think that allot of the nuances contained in the books might be lost on you, but that's OK. I could imagine that even someone with no previous knowledge of the Diablo games would still find a lot of enjoyment in these books, as long as they are a fan of the dark fantasy genre.

In the end, I believe that these books are really made for and appreciated best by the series' fans. It is this kind of top level fan service that Blizzard does so well and keeps us coming back to the trough for each expansion and peripheral product, year after year. If you are a Blizzard supporter (Fan boy) like I am, then these books are must haves for your collection.

Apr 15, 2014

Creative Illustration By Andrew Loomis

Creative Illustration
By Andrew Loomis

If you already know who Andrew Loomis is, or better yet already own one or some of his books, then please stop reading this review now. There is absolutely nothing I could tell you that could make you love this mans art more then you already do. So please walk away from your computer, comfortable in the fact that you have already been exposed to these rare gems.

As an art practitioner, no mater how contemporary your medium, you invariably are influenced by hundreds of years of art history. From the great masters to the modern masters. Each era is denoted by pivotal genres and trans-formative artists. Adrew Loomis is one of these such artists.

If you were a student of illustration in the 1940s and had aspirations of spending the next 30 years slogging away as a creative in advertising agencies, then this book would have certainly been your bible. It carefully deconstructs illustration and teaches the reader the craft in very important systematic steps. You have an early focus on the elements and principles of design mixed with modern (for the time) subject matter.

But then the book gets deeper, much deeper. As an illustrator, Loomis waxes poet on the fundamentals of visual story telling and advanced visual problem solving.

Spend five minutes leafing through this book and I would gaurentee that you will pick up at least a couple of tips that will immediately improve you sketching, line work and composition. The techniques that are available in this book are truly timeless and very valuable.

The only thing I have to say negatively about this book, is that I wished that I had owned this in high school, and was forced to spend hours a day practicing it lessons. The bevy of pre-war maidens may have proved to be to titillating for such an impressionable young reader however.

So if you are looking for a valuable tome of classic illustration knowledge or just enjoy graphic books from the 40s, then put Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis on your wish list today.

Apr 8, 2014

Book Review: The Simon and Kirby Superheroes

BOOK REVIEW: The Simon and Kirby Superheroes

As an often obsessive lover of collecting, I have always hated the notion of "too much of a good thing". Such an idea is ridiculous and especially when applied to classic comics. It wasn't until I received a review copy of  The Simon and Kirby Superheroes, I at last truly understood this statement.

As far a collections go, this book is a hefty sized tome that is brimming with classic stories and heroes from the forties and fifties. Unique tales with characters that you may not be familiar with, but instantly recognize how they influenced subsequent decades worth of comic book writers and artists.

The stories have a certain charm to them, that is indicative of that era. Hollywood starlets and secret identities as mild manner gumshoes. These types of stories have been recycled and mimicked in so many tongue and cheek parodies, that it was difficult at times to stay in the moment and remain cognizant that these were stories from the 50's. This becomes quite a test as many of the stories have very overt levels of sexism and racism, which make for many cringe worthy bits of dialogue and character interactions.

These heroes are very different then the ones we know today. Almost none of them have any "Super Powers" to speak of an just in fact, grown men with a reasonable level of fitness and a pension for wearing spandex outfits and a domino mask. These seems to work out fine however, as most of the story's bad guys are easily dispatched with a well placed right cross to the jaw. The simplicity of the characters is just one of many aspects that would remind modern readers that these comics were squarely marketed to young boys and the not the man-child comics community that we inhabit today.

My draw to this was in fact the classic art and heavy nostalgia and in away that was also my chief criticism of the book. I found that I really had my fill of these stories after two or three. The juvenile level and formulaic nature of them really doesn't hold up across a coffee table sized anthology. 

Simon and Kirby were truly pioneers and birthed an industry that has now invaded every bit of pop culture. With that being said, I would definitely recommenced this collection to avid collectors more for the characters and nostalgia attached and much less so, for the enjoyment that you will get out of reading the stories.

Mar 20, 2014

Book Review: Painting Classic Portraits, Great Faces Step by Step

Painting Classic Portraits, Great Faces Step by Step
By: Luana Luconi Winner

This review will feature one of a series of art books that are often the unsung heroes of an artists collection... The quick reference book.

I have my coffee table illustration books that I curl up with when I want to look at images that transport me to another place or challenge me in some creative way. I have other books that allow me to dissect technique and genre or give me an in depth view into another creators process.

This book however, sits on my bookshelf with a small selection of others that are always just in arms reach. These are my quick reference books. When I am in the middle of creating a new peice I will always need to make adjustments and access some quick reference.

When painting faces I have found that Painting Classic Portraits, Great Faces Step by Step will help me stay on track or get back on track in a pinch. What the book offers is very simple. A collection of portraits featuring people of various genders, ages and ethnicity, all broken down into a color pallet and with accompanying text that explains the color relationship and certain considerations that need to be made.

Sure I can paint a man with neutral skin and brown hair, but what about painting a pale skinned blue blood with raven hair. How do I paint her without making her look like a corpse or zombie. Knowing that a light application of a deep red will allow her face to appear pale yet with a Rosie rich shadow in all the right places. The black hair also presents similar challenges.

In addition to this reference, the book does also contain some nice pages on facial composition and overall value vs. hue in addition to some color theory.

There are some bits on pastels and digital art, but they are largely just ticks on a checklist I imagine and are not that much of a value add.

While books like this may not be your most inspirational, I guarantee that in the 11th hour of a painting or illustration, you will be glad that you own them. In that context, I would recommend this book for the novice and advanced Artist alike.

Mar 2, 2014

Book Review. Drew Struzan: Ouvre

Drew Struzan: Ouvre

For those of you that remember my gushing review of The Art of Drew Struzan. You would remember that I had initially planned on reviewing both books together until I realized how very different they are.

While that book may have been a glimpse into the process of the artist and was rich with contextual back story, Ouvre is more of a straight shot through Drew's illustrative career. What it lacks in exposition, it surely makes up for in sheer volume and variety of content.

This book has absolutely everything. From The movie posters that we already know and love to his recognizable works in the world of publishing and music. Books cover, magazine illustrations and music memorabilia seem like a far cry from the "Home Run" posters that we think of whenever we imagine a George Lucas or Steven Spielberg film. I rather enjoyed this glimpse into the life of the working illustrator. It was nice to see pieces that to us are still masterful, but to Drew, could have been just another paycheck.

Certain pieces feel like filler and at double the size of The Art of Drew Struzan, there certainly would have been some room to take out the weaker pieces. Although I wasn't to hot on it, I did really like the inclusion of Drew's personal work. It traditional painting that seems to be Drew pulling away from everything that has made him well known as an illustrator. When you view it, you really see this completely different narrative from anything else that he has worked on professionally.

I would recommend this book as a standalone purchase for any artist, art lover or pop culture enthusiast. As an artist, I think that it is a must to own both books, in order to really get the whole Drew Struzan story. He is definitively a modern master and is someone that drives me to push myself to become a better artist with each new piece I do.

Feb 27, 2014

Book Review: Tank Girl Carioca

BOOK REVIEW: Tank Girl Carioca

I have to get this out of the way at the beginning. I am not a fan of Tank Girl. I am sure that my wife will be aghast when reading this and I may get threatening letters from a Lori Petty fan club, but there I said it. I understand that there is a certain cartoony nihilistic charm which the character and her spec-ops bunny assassin friends hold in many of my peers that were also teens in the early nineties, yet it is totally lost on me.

As always, I try and go into these reviews with as open a mind as possible. The stories narrative is one that previous fans of the Tank Girls series will no doubt enjoy. Alan Martin has built on this familiar dystopian world in which any manner of zany events and characters are inexplicably matched with seeming acts of overblown violence.

The real standout for me was the artwork. If you are at all familiar with Judge Dredd, then you no doubt have already seen the work of Mike McMahon before. I found that his visual take on the characters were at the same time unique and refreshing. He manages to combine a graphics art style while giving it an almost low brow sensibility in the areas of character anatomy and overall design. In a title like Tank Girl, this really works.

I really enjoyed that McMahon did not just simply try to replicate the very distinctive style of series creator Jamie Hewlett. His style is instantly recognizable for two things in particular: Tank Girl and the Gorrilaz. Allowing the art style to move in the different direction for this newer title was definitely a smart move.

I believe that if you are already a Tank Girl fan, then this graphic novel will no doubt be right up your alley. If you have no idea who Tank Girl is, then I would suggest starting with a much earlier story unless you want to be completely confused.

Myself, I will be spending the rest of the day asking the same questions that has plagued me since the early nineties. Why is it that they have no decent barbers in the future and, out of everyone that you could choose to partner with, what does the fact that your boyfriend is a bio engineered Dog/Kangaroo say about you?

Feb 8, 2014

A New Poem: Pieces of PEI

I recently wrote a poem that was featured on the Poetry PEI website. Poetry is probably the area of writing that I have the least amount of experience in, but it intrigues me enough to want to pursue it a little bit more. For more great Island Poetry, please visit. www.poetrypei.com

Jan 26, 2014

Book Review: One Model Nation

BOOK REVIEW: One Model Nation

I know that when somebody mentions yet another well known musician has decided to dip their toes into the world of Indie comics, you can almost hear that sound made by a collection of hundreds of hipster eyeballs, all rolling in unison.

I might have been in the camp as well, had I not previously had my stone heart melted by the superb Umbrella Academy series. Of course I still approach anything where musicians are writing about fictional musicians with a certain amount of trepidation.

Courtney Taylor-Taylor is well know and the front man for the Dandy Warhols. Luckily the reader need no familiarity with that band in order to get the full experience here. 

The story focuses around a young Prog-Rock band in a politically charged eastern Europe in the 70s. The story manages to weave together ideas around a the radicalizing of a youth culture and what that meant for the accompanying art and music scene. The characters are often mild mannered yet take their music and beliefs very seriously. There is a real mix of car chases and gunfights mixed with the hum drum mechanics of working in a touring band.

The black and white art created is serviceable, but at times seem to be struggling under the sheer length of the story being told. With that being said, the story is too long. I am not sure if its intentionally slow pacing is meant to pump up the intensity of the violent bits (a la the Godfather), but in this occurrence it falls short.

I thought that it was an interesting idea to create a full length greatest hits album for this fictional band and then release that along with the graphic novel. This commitment to the concept added another layer to the story and listening to the music while giving the book a second read, did help to bring me in a little more then I had been before.

If you like your indie comics full of youth in revolt and have a hankering for a little nostalgia around the roaring 70s in Germany, then this book is for you.

If politics and the brotherhood of musicianship are of no interest to you, then I think that you might want to give it a pass.

Dec 4, 2013

Acorn Authors Night at Bookmark

Tonight, local independent bookstore Bookmark hosted an Authors night for Acorn Press. There were a handful of Authors and Artists of various genres, and people were encouraged to come and meet the Authors and get their books signed.

I am always humbled to see my work among some real talented wordsmiths. Besides my Authoring duties, I also had the opportunity to meet PEI Poet Laureate Hugh MacDonald whom I had the chance to create the cover for his recently released novel.