May 6, 2013

Book Review: Draw and Paint 50 Animals

If there is one thing that I equally parts love and am intimidated by, its representing animals artistically. Animals are so varied in esthetics and construction, that each piece poses a very different set of challenges. I was determined to put these fears aside and review this book: Draw and Paint 50 Animals.

Right off the bat I really liked this book because it's a really a broads strokes approach to painting animals, which is exactly what I needed. As the title suggests, you are walked through the entire process of painting 50 different animals in a very "how to" technique driven way.

I enjoyed that they artist herself injected context into why she had chosen that particular subject, and you really get a sense that she is a life long animal lover and it shows in her work. The book contained a really good variety of animals from birds to livestock and domesticated fare.

It would have been nice if towards the end, there were a couple of pieces that were more involved, sort of "advanced level" difficulty for the more adventurous students. I also would have liked there to be more discussion around animal mechanics and construction as this is often one of the more challenging aspects of drawing and painting animals that have any sense of realism.

All in all, I found this to be a very worthwhile resource book for the wannabee nature painter like myself and an enjoyable read for any animal lover.

(The painting below was made using the techniques from the book)