Jul 29, 2013

Fairies on My Island and Owen's Pirate Adventure Book Launch!

Last weekend was a very exciting day for my wife and myself. We were fortunate enough to be a part of two book launches. The first was called Owen's Pirate Adventure which was written by critically acclaimed YA author Patti Larsen and illustrated by myself.The second Book was Fairies on my Island, which was written by myself and illustrated by my wife Christina Patterson. Its always exciting to be involved in illustrating yet another book and absolutely thrilling to author one for the first time. Both books were published by Acorn Press and are available in stores and online.

My wife and I already have a number of new book projects underway and are very excited to be going down this creative road together.

Owen's Pirate Adventure -http://www.nimbus.ca/Owens-Pirate-Adventure-P6624.aspx

Fairies on my Island - http://www.nimbus.ca/Fairies-on-My-Island-P6628.aspx