Dec 3, 2013

Book Review: John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop

BOOK REVIEW: John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop

When I think of the art of John Howe, the word that springs to mind is Classic. I am not sure if it is purely the fact that John manages to marry fantastical themes with a style and technique that it very evocative of the old world masters. It could also be the fact that John has a longtime involvement with a little movie franchise call Lord Of The Rings. Sufficed to say that when I saw that he was putting this book out, I knew that I had to have it.

The man himself has a certain amount of mysticism surrounding him. Beside the fact that he has the look of a wise mage, you can always get a sense that he sees the world with a view that is just a bit more special then the rest of us. On his Facebook page he can always be seen posting picture of gnarled trees and dramatic looking rook formations. The unique bits of nature that might elude the laypersons gaze. This view no doubt informed the subject matter in his book.

The book is physically a nice size and is laid out well. It has a certain accessibility in the way that the various topics are broken down. The book speaks about a number of areas in which a fantasy artist need be concerned and has some great overviews, with Johns thoughts on his own creative career. He has written this in a voice that feels very conversational and you might feel that you were discussing fantasy art with him, around an old hearth while you sipped cups of mead.

What this book is not, is a step by step on fantasy art creation or an essential how too book on how to succeed in the fantasy art genre.

If you are however, a fan of Lord Of The Rings and/or John Howe's work already, then this would be a worthwhile purchase for you.