Apr 15, 2014

Creative Illustration By Andrew Loomis

Creative Illustration
By Andrew Loomis

If you already know who Andrew Loomis is, or better yet already own one or some of his books, then please stop reading this review now. There is absolutely nothing I could tell you that could make you love this mans art more then you already do. So please walk away from your computer, comfortable in the fact that you have already been exposed to these rare gems.

As an art practitioner, no mater how contemporary your medium, you invariably are influenced by hundreds of years of art history. From the great masters to the modern masters. Each era is denoted by pivotal genres and trans-formative artists. Adrew Loomis is one of these such artists.

If you were a student of illustration in the 1940s and had aspirations of spending the next 30 years slogging away as a creative in advertising agencies, then this book would have certainly been your bible. It carefully deconstructs illustration and teaches the reader the craft in very important systematic steps. You have an early focus on the elements and principles of design mixed with modern (for the time) subject matter.

But then the book gets deeper, much deeper. As an illustrator, Loomis waxes poet on the fundamentals of visual story telling and advanced visual problem solving.

Spend five minutes leafing through this book and I would gaurentee that you will pick up at least a couple of tips that will immediately improve you sketching, line work and composition. The techniques that are available in this book are truly timeless and very valuable.

The only thing I have to say negatively about this book, is that I wished that I had owned this in high school, and was forced to spend hours a day practicing it lessons. The bevy of pre-war maidens may have proved to be to titillating for such an impressionable young reader however.

So if you are looking for a valuable tome of classic illustration knowledge or just enjoy graphic books from the 40s, then put Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis on your wish list today.

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