Feb 27, 2014

Book Review: Tank Girl Carioca

BOOK REVIEW: Tank Girl Carioca

I have to get this out of the way at the beginning. I am not a fan of Tank Girl. I am sure that my wife will be aghast when reading this and I may get threatening letters from a Lori Petty fan club, but there I said it. I understand that there is a certain cartoony nihilistic charm which the character and her spec-ops bunny assassin friends hold in many of my peers that were also teens in the early nineties, yet it is totally lost on me.

As always, I try and go into these reviews with as open a mind as possible. The stories narrative is one that previous fans of the Tank Girls series will no doubt enjoy. Alan Martin has built on this familiar dystopian world in which any manner of zany events and characters are inexplicably matched with seeming acts of overblown violence.

The real standout for me was the artwork. If you are at all familiar with Judge Dredd, then you no doubt have already seen the work of Mike McMahon before. I found that his visual take on the characters were at the same time unique and refreshing. He manages to combine a graphics art style while giving it an almost low brow sensibility in the areas of character anatomy and overall design. In a title like Tank Girl, this really works.

I really enjoyed that McMahon did not just simply try to replicate the very distinctive style of series creator Jamie Hewlett. His style is instantly recognizable for two things in particular: Tank Girl and the Gorrilaz. Allowing the art style to move in the different direction for this newer title was definitely a smart move.

I believe that if you are already a Tank Girl fan, then this graphic novel will no doubt be right up your alley. If you have no idea who Tank Girl is, then I would suggest starting with a much earlier story unless you want to be completely confused.

Myself, I will be spending the rest of the day asking the same questions that has plagued me since the early nineties. Why is it that they have no decent barbers in the future and, out of everyone that you could choose to partner with, what does the fact that your boyfriend is a bio engineered Dog/Kangaroo say about you?