Jul 4, 2014

The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals

After months of hard work, I am happy to say that my new book: The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals is finally now out. My goal was to write a children's book that would combine the dissident worlds of learning about animals with learning about skateboarding. I then wanted to furnish the pages with fun illustrations of animals that were stylized yet not totally anthropomorphized.

As a teen, I was big into skateboarding and have always found it a valuable activity for someone that balked at traditional team sports. It also had a whole culture of art and music around it, which really appealed to me as well.

In the back of the book I have included a large glossary containing explanations of all the skateboarding tricks and animals portrayed. My hope is that if you are reading the book with a child, that this glossary will allow you to answer the barrage of questions that will inevitably be generated by all of this foreign terminology.

I hope that you all enjoy reading it as much as I certainly enjoyed writing and illustrating it.

You can purchase the book via Amazon here.